Social Media Planning Workshop

How to create a

2020 Social Media Plan

for your Church & Ministry


In This Online Workshop



The 5 Stages of Online Ministry

You will learn about the 5 stages and I will help you identify which stage you may be in. This will help you map out the path that you need to take in 2020 and achieve your goals.


The 4 Essential Questions to Ask in Your Planning Session

You will learn about the 4 key questions you need to find answers to, when you create your social media plan. We will also look at some practical tips on how to answer these questions.


A Checklist for your 2020 Social Media Plan

You will learn about the 15 key items that need to be on your planning checklist for 2020. You will also receive a free download of this checklist at the end of the session.


Practical Expert Inputs &  Tips

I will give you lots of practical tips and suggestions based on my experience to help you create your plan. 

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"Did you know that only 44% of NGOs and Nonprofits worldwide have a written social media plan?"

- 2019 Global NGO Tech Report
by Nonprofit Tech for Good

Are you prepared for 2020?

Is your Digital & Social Media plan ready for the coming New Year?

We only have a few more weeks left in 2019, and you do not want to enter 2020 unprepared.

Going by all projections and statistics, it looks like this is a big year for digital media. And you, as a church or ministry have a massive opportunity to touch millions of lives, grow and expand your influence through online media. Thereby building God's Kingdom.

Even if you already have your plans in place for 2020, you can use this Free Masterclass to make sure that you are not missing any key element.

A Note From Natchi...

Hello, I am Natchi Lazarus, your instructor for this workshop.

I have been in Marketing for more than 15 years. I have spend more than a decade working with Faith-based Nonprofits, Churches and Ministries.

Being a consultant and an insider in the digital marketing industry, I see all trends pointing towards one thing: 2020 is the year of the digitally-savvy & the social-media-ready organizations, brands and ministries.

That is why I am on a mission to help churches and ministries prepare for the coming new year, so that they can be effective in reaching the right audience, creating a bigger impact building God's kingdom online. 

This Free Online Planning Masterclass is part of that mission.

Come join me, so that you can be digitally-confident as you enter 2020.

See you at the masterclass!

- Natchi Lazarus